[one_half]Residential Services

Below are a few services Knorr Electric offers for your home’s interior or exterior. Let us provide you with a custom quote.

[ssticklist]<ul> <li>Service upgrades</li> <li>Appliance circuits</li> <li>Code updates</li> <li>Interior & exterior lighting</li> <li>Roof de-icing</li><li>Phone, data & cable TV</li><li>Backup generators</li><li>Surge protection</li><li>New homes or remodels</li></ul>[/ssticklist]

Click here to view pictures of past residential projects.


[one_half_last]Commercial Services

At Knorr Electric, we understand that the needs of commercial & industrial vary. Whether it’s outdoor security lighting, or adding a circuit for a new piece of equipment, we will get the job done right so you can get back to running your business.

[ssticklist]<ul> <li>Energy-efficient lighting updates</li><li>Equipment circuits</li><li>Security lighting</li><li>Surge protection</li><li>Troubleshooting</li><li>New construction</li><li>Service upgrades</li><li>Data networking</li></ul>[/ssticklist]

Click here to view pictures of past commercial & industrial projects.


Commercial & Residential Electrical Repairs

Knorr Electric provides commercial and residential electrical repairs. We offer energy-efficient lighting updates, security lighting, surge protection, troubleshooting, new construction and more. Please contact us to learn more about our services in Erie, PA.